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Pool sex - anniversary part 1

For our 10th wedding anniversary we visited a lovely spa resorts hidden in the lovely Magalies Mountains, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. We were booked into a lovely luxury suite located in the indigenous forest situated on the hang of the mountain. The suite had its own private patio with a small heated plunge pool with beautiful views over the valley below.

After our first spa session we returned to our suite to get dress for dinner at the restaurant. My wife and I decided to take a quick swim to rinse off the oils of the spa session. The water of the swimming pool was a comfortable temperature, not too hot or cold. We embraced each other and reflected back on how we have met, just more than ten years ago and when we also ended up in a heated pool that evening…in each other’s arms and madly in love. Back then we would have give anything to make love right there and then but there was too many people around.

While we talked about how in love we were when we just met, my wife smiled, took off her bikini and threw it on the patio outside. “Nobody can see us now” she said with a naughty grin. She took off my swim shorts and flung it over her shoulders. With her one hand she stroked my dick while it hardened to a full-blown erection. The warmth of our mouths met as we kissed each other like that first time. My hands slid from her wet back on to her tight round ass, while her breast squashed against my chest and my penis pushed in search of her vagina. I could feel her stiff nipples against my wet skin and the hardness of her clitoris against my penis.

We played a while, each longing to be fucked. She wrapped her legs around my waist as my penis slipped into her wet pussy. We moved closer to the side of the pool where she laid back with her arms stretched out on the side of the pool and her breasts exposed outside of the water, with the blue swimming pool light and water reflecting on her perfect breasts. I licked her breasts and hard nipples that were soaking wet from the water. Gently I thrust my penis deeper inside her. Her lower body was floating weightless with my penis the only support.

She bit her lip and moaned as I start fucking her more vigorously. She pulled me closer with her legs and grabbed me around my neck to ensure more downward pressure on my dick and deeper penetration. We were fucking like wild animals and I could feel my load exploding into her vagina. She kept on going and as she slowed, we held each other and kissed softly… still locked into our love embrace.

After dinner that night, she seduced me again. This time with her beautiful body dressed in sexy red lingerie that did not leave much for the imagination…but that encounter I will leave for another time.

Swimming Pool Fun

She had red curly hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. It was a hot summer’s day and like most teens during the summer holidays, we spent our time relaxing next to the pool. But unlike other days, we were home alone…

She had been my girlfriend for just over a year and we had some wild encounters before… like the time at the movies, where I slipped my hand under her mini skirt and… panty…oh my, we were young and horny.

We were lying next to the pool, tanning in the sun and chatting away. She was lying on her stomach to get some sun on her back. I have unhooked her bikini top to rub in some tanning oil on her back. The oil made my hands glide smoothly over her hotly tanned body. I pulled her bikini a little sideways to rub the oil on her tight, but tender bum. I felt how my penis hardened as my hands slid over her warm body.

She turned around leaving her bikini top abandoned on the towel and laid topless on her back. She smiled and said: “I will need some lotion this side too”. Her naked firm breasts exposed to the sun god ‘Ra’. She had soft, very light pink nipples that were a slight shade darker than her snow-white skin. I took some oil in my hands, starting at her neck, touching her supple breasts and rub in slowly some of the oil on her breasts and nipples. “Uhmm…” she echoed out loud my exact thoughts. I massage her breasts from the inside towards her nipples. I took her nipples between my fingers and stroked it harder every time my hands met it as I massage her breasts. She looked me in the eyes, took her right hand, licked her middle finger and slid her hand in her bikini. I pulled down her bikini to discover her middle finger stroking her clitoris. She moved her hand and combed with her fingers through her red pussy hair. She had spread her legs and lifted it towards her chest to disclose the white milky wetness of her vagina. I softly licked her love juice towards her clitoris, which she by now stroked vigorously. Her pussy lips swollen by all the attention, begged my tongue for some caressing.

“Bring your dick here” she gasps, as I kept on caressing her pussy for more love juice. I pulled down my shorts and we took a sixty-nine position. She took the head of my rock-hard penis into her mouth, while stroking my penis’s shaft and my balls. We kept at it until we both had orgasms.

I dived into the swimming pool and she still naked like me, followed.

One thing, besides that day next to the pool that I will never forget; was that this redhead knew and had the stamina to pull a man’s chain, until the dam wall burst and you saw semen flying all over the place. Today, not even my wife can manage a hand job like she did, although my wife gives much better blowjobs and she had, at times blew me till I cum.

Golf Club Action

Saturday night my wife and I attended my sister’s birthday party at their local golf club. We didn’t really look forward to the party as my sister invited all her friends. Except for my sister, her husband and two or three other people, we haven’t met any of her other friends before.

Luckily there were televisions to watched the Super 14 semi-final rugby matches, lots of booze and a few interesting characters to get the party going. The bar lady on duty was also exceptionally beautiful. A tallish blond with a slim body, beautiful face and a very sexy smile. Having an open relationship with my wife, I told her that I found the bar lady quit sexy. She agreed and just smiled.

After the rugby and a few drinks later, the ladies started dancing while the men discussed the rugby and the usual men talk. We later joined the ladies and danced for a while.

Later the night, with most of the people gone home, it was just a few ‘bitter-enders’ that kept the usual drunk talk going with laughter at stories that would normally not be so funny when sober. As a joke, I asked my wife if she wanted to see how big the men’s room was. Surprisingly she did not decline and we slipped away from the crowd into the golf club’s men’s room.

By this time we were both as horny as hell. We headed through the locker section straight to a toilet cubical, where we started to kiss each other furiously. She immediately unbuckled my belt and pants and reached for my now hardened penis, while I fondled her sexy bums with both hands. She stroked my dick and rubbed it with her hand. I frantically unbuckled her pants and placed my hand in her underwear. My hand met her soaking wet swollen pussy. She lifted her top together with her bra to reveal her firm breast. Whilst rubbing her clitoris with my finger that was dripping with her love juice, I kissed her stiff brown nipples and caress her other breast with my free hand. “Aah-Aaaah…I want to scream”, she whispered. Then she turned around, facing the toilet and look back at me and said: “Fuck me”. This was unlike my somewhat conservative wife, but it was irresistibly sexy.

I entered her and the wetness of her vagina overwhelmed my penis. I fucked her hard with long and deep thrusts. “Oh yes…yes...fuck me harder” she exclaimed.

We went back to the bar area, hoping nobody has missed us while we were at it in the men’s room. I took my drink and the one guy said: “you must be really thirsty…” and he smiled. The others just chuckled as my wife and I blushed.

Later that evening, actually early the next morning when we went to bed after the party, she took my hand from outside the bedding and placed it between her now naked legs. Her pussy was moist and warm. She was just as horny as earlier that evening. Yeah, we were at it again!

Erotic Sunday Afternoon Siesta

After having a delectable Sunday lunch at one of our local restaurants the wife and I returned home, heading for the bedroom for an afternoon siesta. The children are at last at an age where we can sometimes indulge in an afternoon nap while they play outside. Afternoon naps were quite foreigner to us for the past few years.

At this stage all I was thinking of was sleep. My wife on the other hand had other ideas… It must have been the wine talking. She was already on the bed when my head hit the pillow. She was smiling seductively and gently pulled away her blouse revealing her cleavage. I turned over to her and kissed her on her breast. “Close the door”, she said. I went over close the door softly and locked it. We were undressing like it was the first time we’re doing this. Oh… her naked body… had blood rushing into my penis. Now it was as hard as a rock. She pushed me down on the bed, kissing my chest, moving down and kissed my penis. She took it deep in her mouth, almost swallowing it whole. She sucked and moved her mouth up and down and brushing her tongue over my penis’ head, down its shaft, licking my balls, moving up the shaft and played the head with her tongue. I turned her around so that she was facing my dick and I her pussy…69. I softly started licking her pussy lips, opening it with my tongue and gently licking her clitoris. She was wet and wild, groaning like an animal.

She wanted it doggy style. I of course, had no objection to her request. I was standing behind her with her knees aligned with the bedside. Her beautiful bum was facing me, while I took her by the ankles, almost like you would hold a wheelbarrow, and entered her from behind. Usually when she gives me one of her super blow jobs, I don’t last that long with intercourse, but today was different. I had the stamina of a race horse. “Oh…argh…yeah…” she murmured as I pushed her hard and long. My dick was feeling the joy of her warm contracting wet pussy. It felt that I could go on forever. We were at it for almost five minutes if not longer.

“Wait” she said, winking in the direction of the mirror cupboard door. Now we watched each other as we continued fucking doggy style. I could not take my eyes of her breast bouncing as I fucked her harder and harder. Then we just couldn’t hold back any longer and we both had to try and keep as quiet as we can while cumming.

Sometimes my wife can surprise me…even after being married for almost ten years. That is what I love about her.

Shower Sex

I must admit the boring sex life I have experience a few months ago seems to be something of the past…for now anyway. You see I have done some reading and discovered that women open more to sex when there is peace and tranquility in their life. So if your lady seems to be stressed and up tight find out what is bugging her and try your best to get rid of it on her behalf. A good example in my life was the fact that my wife got all stressed up because we don’t have enough adventure in our lives. So, I arranged for the kids to stay over at her moms for a weekend and we headed for a five star guest house next to Hartebeespoort Dam. After relaxing next to the pool and having a swim we decided it is time to shower and get ourselves in a more presentable state for dinner with friends later the evening.

Wow and seems like a normal daily routine exploded in an awesome sexual encounter. We started off to wash each other’s backs and turn around to wash my wife’s beautiful firm breast. Her hand glided down my stomach to stroke my already hardened penis. We started to kiss each other widely and my hand found her wet pussy lips all excited. The wetness was not that thin wetness you feel when you touch water but rather more slimy and thick. She lifted her one leg onto the shower seat in the corner and I entered her vagina from behind, cupping her breast with my two hands, feeling her tight nipples against my hand palms. I first started with soft thrusts and heard her soft moans. “Harder” she exclaimed. I pushed her harder and harder. Her and my groans getting loader. She dropped her leg from the seat and with her legs spread wide she bended over and touched the floor with both hands. “Harder, harder” she yelled. By this time my penis was throbbing with excitement, releasing with great force my sperm. I kept pushing as my wife screamed, slowing down and start rubbing her rock hard clitoris.

We had a wonderful dinner and perhaps too much wine, but returning to the guest house we were passionately at it again. Those sexy red underwear with her beautiful smile did it this time.

25 January 2010

Well, the Mrs. is having her period, so I have to think of ways to keep myself busy.  I found this great standing position on and can't wait to persuade her to try it.

Here is how it works:

Man leans with his back against the wall. The angle created by his body against the wall can be adjusted according to the woman's length. If she is shorter, she’d want the angle to be wider and if she's tall, the other way around.

She presses her bum against his crotch, leaning forward slightly and tilting her coccyx to the sky to allow entry. Now she is ready to wriggle, sway and thrust to her heart’s content without fear of damaging anything.

Added bonus:

• His hands are completely free to roam her body and stimulate her where she needs it most.

• As with all standing positions, it’s great for quickies. You don’t even have to get undressed.

• Because both should be comfortable they can choose to do this at a desperate, frenetic pace, or, love each other tenderly and languidly.

Want to show off?

Have him hold her arms as she leans all the way forward. She’ll feel as if she is flying and getting a great upper back stretch.
Also, she’ll look pretty wicked from the side.

Have you tried this?  Let me know…

Friday, 15 January 2010

During the week the Mrs. and I had a bit of a tiff about our ailing sex life. The truth is I just couldn’t face wanking another night to the beautiful ladies of I was in need for some serious action. I just told her that our sex life or rather the lack of it, aren’t natural or healthy for our marriage. We need serious help to get us back on the love wagon.

You see, I’m still one of the old school men that belief you are married “till death do us part”. Sleeping with other women sometimes seems very tempting but the thought of all the trouble it will cause, not only in my own mind but marriage, scares the living hell out of me.

To play with my own “meat stick” feels so wrong especially when you are married. Not even to talk about the guilt of looking at photos of other shaped naked ladies. All those different shapes and sizes. Uhmmm!!! God really knew what he was doing when he made women. I can hear Him talk to an angel: “See I made model 1 aka “man” and he was good but look at the latest model. Well she might not be physically as strong as man but has features far more superior than man. She will bring man to his knees and he will become weak before her”.

Okay, to keep it short the Mrs. explained to me that she is no Nike cross trainer that “just do it” but have severe pain when we have intercourse, no matter how gentle I try to be with the liters of lubricant that go with our love-making ritual. And of course she is also very tired. “How can you be always tired but don’t have a problem to read a book past twelve every night?” I’ve asked. We’ve made piece and went to sleep.

Our usual Sunday Night session came a bit earlier this week and we did it Friday night, of course in the bedroom but at least on another night than usual. Well it was great holding her breasts in my hands and feeling her vagina moist against my leg as she sat on top of me. She kissed my ear and more blood pumped into my penis, to make it even harder than it was. She loves it when I stroke her clitoris and I turned her on her back and took some of the Durex’s hot lube and start rubbing it softly up and down her clitoris. Oh she loved it and purred like a little kitten. She reaches an orgasm usually before we have intercourse and it seems that this might contribute to our problem. After that, she loses a bit of interest as I place my penis into her vagina. Argh, she exclaim as I enter. Gentle, gently I proceed until she is more comfortable. Oh the warmth of being inside her overwhelms me and I start working my penis harder in-and-out. I can feel how her vagina contracting and pressing harder with each pump.

Friday night… oh Friday night!! The next session might be outside our bedroom…who knows?